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Cover different aspects of your business with one all inclusive approach offered by CaRaMel CRM. The platform allows its users to have control over sales and leads; perform proper business strategy planning; conduct a detailed implementation and results assessment; increase revenues and analyse expenses; provide quality and on-time customer support, and much more.

  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Forecast
  • Increase of Upsell and Cross-sell
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Automation via Analytics Management
  • Top Clients Targeting
  • Quality Leads Generation
  • Management
  • ROI Improvement
  • Employee Productivity Control
  • Revenue Increase
  • Customer support
  • Customer Retention
  • Resolution Time Control
  • Issues Prioritizing
  • A customized and reliable
    CRM System
    Leads and Sales Management
    You can plan, sell, manage, and control your sales funnel with CaRaMel CRM easily. Caramel allows you to create customer profiles, categorize contacts, track orders, gather feedbacks, track prospect statuses, and differentiate between hot leads and cold contacts.
    Ticketing System
    This powerful and easy to use emailing and communication system allows you to accept payments, process orders, track leads and clients. You can use the system to set reminders for you and your team to plan phone call, have a skype chat, email a client or partner, or follow up about a potential business deal.
    Analytics and Reports
    Assess the work and productivity of your personnel, sort and analyse your hot leads, and keep tabs on your current, returning and top clients, in order to improve ROI based on statistical data provided and filtered according to custom report options. Turn your risks into new opportunities!
    Fully Customized

    CaRaMel was developed so that it could be adapted easily to any industry, field or business niche, whether it's an eCommerce platform, a startup, or a large wholesale supplier. Caramel takes into account CRM software for small businesses that is already on the market, and what features and functionality is required in each particular case making it simple and effortless to adjust it to your business needs. CaRaMel is ideally suited for:

    • Banking
    • Business Services
    • Construction Industry
    • Financial Services
    • Government and Public Sector
    • Healthcare
    • Higher Education Establishments
    • IT and Telecom Industries
    • Logistics
    • Marketing Services
    • Media Industry
    • Publishing
    • Real Estate
    • Recruitment
    • Retail, Wholesale & Distribution
    • Sports Industry
    • Technology Services
    • Tourism and Hospitality
    “It was a CRM system development project based on our own experience of system usage. The step-by-step improvements of the system let us build a sophisticated platform for us and our customers’ projects.”
    Olga Zhuk
    Account Manager

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